Come inside for your finest inspiration, your dreams will open the door. GK London provides an affordable method to help jump start your modelling career. A common mistake people make when creating their portfolio’s is that they include multiple images that are too similar, with our photographers, they are able to help keep your vision active and play around with a few different angles and positions, so that you won’t be faced with that problem. Our studio consists of eager photographers looking to help your career, whom are able to answer any questions and offer some guidance for your career in modelling.

It is said that almost all models sign with modelling agencies. Models typically apply for a position with an agency by submitting their photographs or by attending open casting calls. What agencies do is represent and promote a model to clients and in return, get a portion of the model’s earnings. Although, if you decide you don’t like that idea, you can become a freelance model where you do not need to sign to an agency, instead you market yourself to potential clients and apply for jobs directly, however, because most clients prefer to work with agents, it is difficult for new models to pursue a freehand career. It is required for models to put together and maintain up-to-date portfolio’s and composite cards.

A models schedule can be quite demanding and stressful, many have unpredicted work schedules, so it is important you have a strong personality. It was estimated that roughly 6,000 modelling jobs were held each year, mainly working for clothing stores. Clothing samples are made suitable for smaller sizes in order to save money. It is said that slimmer bodies are less of a distraction from the cut and drapes of the clothes, letting it hang specifically in the way the designer intended. The clothing are not made to fit the model, the model is made to fit the clothing.

Modelling agencies ideally focus on the extremely young, as it could take several years to build a model into a working, bookable name unless you have connections within the industry, so agents prefer to have younger, new faces between ages 14-16. It is said, unless you have become an extremely well known model, the end of the career for a model is mid-late 20’s.

Although the modelling industry is difficult to get in, with the right guidance you can get one step closer. Lesley Lawson, also known as Twiggy is an English model. She was known for her thin built, hence her nickname. Her career, arguably started at he age of 15, in a salon she used to work in. The hairdresser decided to change her look, pairing a short boyish bob with her big dark eyes and false eyelashes. He then put her photograph on the salon wall where she was then spotted by a fashion journalist who later on conducted an interview and published an article featuring her, to which he referred to her as ‘Twiggy, the face of 66.’ After that, twiggy began modelling extensively, gaining international recognition to which she then got to feature on the cover of Vogue in 1967, which drastically helped her rise to fame. The modelling industry is tough. Models such as Lesley Lawson and many others overcome a lot of issues such as the high standards they face, making sure they are the right size and have the right distinct look, the rejections they face and the fierce competitions they have to undergo because it’s an industry everyone hopes to get into. As well as that, there are times where they will go without money, being unable to financially support themselves for a few weeks because there might not be any jobs available, or times where they are unable to see their friends or family members for a couple weeks due to the long hours.

Its not shocking to hear that studio hire is expensive, ranging from £100-£250 for 4-8 hours, so we highly recommend you come experience our studio and get your moneys worth. We not only provide you with a studio and professional photographers but we are here to help your dreams come true. If you want to make it big in the UK as a model, the best place to start is London. With the help of GK London, we are able to help you create the perfect portfolio with the best images with our great photography studio and our amazingly talented photographers. We noticed a missing niche in the London’s fashion industry, therefore we have created a fun-filled photography studio without pretence, filled with a sense of great talent and great vibes, which differs us from other photography studios as It is the go-to-place for getting the best quality modelling portfolio’s done. Our studio offer amazing deals that allow customers the opportunity to get their images of head and body shots for a reasonable, accessible price.