For Albanians, the 28th of November is a date we will never forget. In 1912, Ismail Qemali (our president during that time) helped us break free from the Ottoman Empire. Throwing parties is something us Albanians are known for so independence day gives us an excuse to throw some more. Fortunately for me, I got to celebrate it twice. I attended the Per2 event first and celebrated a night of dancing, drinking and singing. Later on the evening, the organisers of Fundjava  hosted an event at an Albanian club named Kolis, where famous and talented singers such as Capital T and Baby G performed.

blog-photo-ai-12 blog-photo-ai-11 (photos taken by Xhei Molla)

blog-photo-ai-2(Taken by Arta, one of the organisers of Per2)




blog-photo-ai-7(Taken by organisers of Fundjava)



For those who attended either one of these parties, I hope you enjoyed your time as much as I did.