Hellalicious is such an amazing. This blog centres around Shkup and places in Albania. The photos used are beautiful and will certainly make you want to visit every single city. I think I might just book a ticket now?

2: Writing lessons on Train


Writing lessons on Train is such an interesting blog. A blog you should definitely look at, especially if you aren’t Albanian and you would like to know what it would be like to move/visit there.

3: Travel Cravings


Travel Cravings is a wonderful blog. It has beautiful images of places in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia; our beaches and our cities (as well as other places around the world). If you aren’t already thinking of booking a ticket to Albania, you certainly will after viewing this blog…

Thank me later.

4: Blogging in the Balkans


Blogging in the Balkans is a fascinating blog. It centres around a women who travels around Albania as part of her Peace Corps service. The photos used are beautiful.


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